Wednesday, May 27, 2009

VV Finds

So I arrived to the sale a little late, I didn't get off work until 4ish. The place was pretty picked over, still chaotic and full of people though. Picture me: very sweaty desperately scouring the aisles, both men and women. After a good hour of that I was off to spend 25 minutes give or take waiting in line to try on the clothes I had in my basket. I ended up purchasing 3 items: 2 jean shorts, straight up from the 80's, tight waist, flare at the thighs (thank god) and all. You really cant find those anywhere anymore. One of them was even Ck(for 3.50$?!!) And I also got a Che Guevara t-shirt for 4$. All and all I spent 11$, pretty happy..definitely wish I would've found more but what are you gonna do? On a side note I plan on ripping both shorts, I will post those pictures later but for now here are my vv finds.

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