Friday, May 22, 2009


queens we met on the way to the kills

I've had trouble getting this started, mostly because I am an extremely indecisive person. I guess what stumped me the most was the actual title of the blog. Well i've slowly gotten over that, and have decided to just go with the flow. Anyways my first blog comes the day after my 22nd birthday. It's been a week long celebration really, beginning with "The Virgins" live at The Biltmore on friday. (great show!) Most of my footage is a little shaky from all the groovin' my roomie and I were doing. We only caught the last 10 minutes of Lissy Trullie cause we were pre-drinking but it sounded good from the washroom. Following that I also got to check out "The Kills" on saturday at the Commodore Ballroom. This time we were even later arriving completely missed "The Horrors". Sometimes I think we bring a new meaning to the term "fashionably late". By we I mean mostly my roomate and I or whoever else I'm with. The biggest highlight from The Kills was definetily when Allison Mosshart broke out into Patsy Cline's - Crazy. I will post what footage I think is worthy.

Unfortunely most of my actual birthday (yesterday) was spent in extreme hungover state, due to the 1.60$ beers I was consuming the night before at the legion on main for wensday kareoke!!! It was worth it got my fix of "walking after midnight" by patsy cline. I'm just glad my headache is finally gone.

Allison Mosshart given it her all.

Donald from The Virgins

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