Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dumb Pigs

I pretty much got pulled over by a cop yesterday on my bike. He wasn't in his car but it felt the same. Its never happened to me before. I was pretty startled and peeved, especially since I was on my way to work and am 90% of the time running late. I was at a stop sign and I guess it looked as though I might go straight through but I didn't, mostly because there was a car coming. That's when the dumb pig waved me over in the most terrifying way. Now looking back I probably should've kept going and pretended that I didnt notice him. Would he have chased me? Somehow I highly doubt it but you never know dumb pigs and their power tripping. He was already yelling at some other poor woman on a bike about some stupid nonsense i'm sure. He then preceded to lecture me on some bullshit about the motor vehicle act and how I should treat myself like a car. If almost everyone out there treats me like a pedestrian eventually i'm going to start treating myself like one. He said I was going to be his first ticket of the day and he had been standing there all day (pointless) giving out warnings to other bikers. He also said I was "snarky" my least favorite word now. No one has ever referred to me as "snarky". He made me late for work but didn't give me a ticket. I'm just really pissed off now cause I feel like I can't even ride in peace. I refuse to abide by their stupid laws. I only ride dirty and whose going to wear one ear piece and have the other dangling about. They really should be out bothering the drug dealers, crackheads, child molesters, etc.

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