Monday, June 29, 2009

Finally!! Aaliyah Biopic

I may be a little late in hearing the wonderful news, but its better late than never. Well what started as me searching for Aaliyah pictures online to make a stencil for a screen print. I stumbled upon the best news ever!! The long awaited biopic about Aaliyah is finally being made. I was slightly disappointed when I heard that Canadian pop/r&b singer Keshia Chante was to play the beloved Ms. Haughton. I have looked at several pictures of the two side by side and yes there is a resemblance but still that's definitely not what makes the great Aaliyah. It was her effortless attitude towards everything. Nothing felt contrived coming from Aaliyah. She was the real thing. She could look sexy but never trashy. Even wearing Tommy Hilfiger boxers with baggy jeans, she still looked like a woman. (more than a woman..more than a woman) Sorry just singing a little bit, now I'm going to have to re visit all my old Aaliyah cds. Not to compare Keshia to Aaliyah, but I just hope they'll be using all of Aalyiah's original singing. Judge for yourself!
The movie will be out sometime next year and is said to be even better than the remake of Selena with J.LO. Revisiting all of Aaliyah's life even her well publicized marriage to cradle robbing R&B singer R.Kelly. Also many of Aaliyah's friends are planned to make cameos in the movie. Well I can't wait, I just hope it does her justice.

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